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click to apply

the application format has been changed,
- extra fields such as additional information have been removed.
- fields reflecting information too private to be displayed in public such as real name have been removed.
- new rules apply from now onwards, previous ones have been archived.
- auto respond has been disabled.
- applications not being posted using the above link will be rejected instantly.
- hanging around with the members is a good way to ensure your acceptance.


- you DO NOT need to be proficient in english, you can always use translators.
- no matter what you have done in the past, we might still find you acceptable ONLY IF you do not lie.
- if you have appropriate communication skills but you aren't fluent with english, you can write the whole application in your native language, translation will be our headache.
- wait atleast a month before re-applying
- NEVER EVER ask someone else to write your application

these still apply :

- Don't apply if you are currently banned in more than one of the official servers.
- We don't need you if you are a Clan Hopper.
- We need a Good Personality Player.
- Post only if you are serious about joining.
- If you get denied you should improve yourself and apply after a time interval but do not apply immediately after your application got denied.
- Do not post anything in the application except the application format, We are not chatting there just post your application and wait.

all the best
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REMINDER: Without any hesitation, applications will be denied instantly if its not done following the rules.

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