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this section would describe your personality

Age : 16/

Country : Pakistan

Timezone :  GTM+5

your ingame experience

Game, which you play : VC:MP Since 2017

Current Nickname : ST.ST.ST

Previous Nicknames : nope

Playing Since [ Share us your VC:MP History ] : well i joined vcmp in 2017 i didnt joined any clan yet its my first clan that i am joining i saw many members are of UF so i also wanna be a part of this family :)

Server's You are mostly online in :  EC MK/CTF Vccnr Lw PTP Ead

Previous Clan(s) :  Didnt joined any clan yet but i joined a gang named  KV PS NrA Sv

Reason for Leaving your Previous Clan(s) : nope

Are you banned in any server?:- yes 1 time  reason Ping

this section decides the outcome of your application

Why do you wish to join Unique Force? : I saw many clans in vcmp but UF is graduating alot nowadays here is some my friends too like DarkGh0st Silent and Cole as most and we are from one area :)

Have you applied in UF before? [ if so, explain what improvements have you made. ] : no

Additional Notes : i hope accepted

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First of all, NrA, KV are clan not gang so stop making us fool.

Secondly, even if i say that Darkghost and Silent are from pakistan and can be your neighbour but Cole is from India, how come he can be your neighbour? hilarious no?

Thirdly, You copied the whole application from Cool_Boy / Bilal2's application. I suggest you to change them or denial is actually awaiting you.

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Write your own application.
Even if you don't atleast know how to copy.

weak, forgettable, insane
wait for me to stand up again