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Accepted Applications / [T] Clan Application | 552N
« on: January 03, 2020, 08:27:40 pm »


Nickname : 552N
Previous Nicknames : 552N [UFr]552N
Age : 20
Country : Pakistan


Playing since : i am playing vcmp since 2015,
Which servers you currently play : LW,EC,CTF mostly
Are you banned in any server? Please state with reason : yeah one time in VCCNR for reason teaming.
Previous clans (if any) : UF
Reason for leaving previous clans : UF :- left with some friends


Why do you want to join Unique Force? :  
because i have some friends here and i really enjoyed with you guyz i am the fuckin shit that i left UF,
I was not feeling well without UF tag in vcmp i want to help you guyz and i want your trust once again toward me.

Have you applied before?  :
If so, state any improvements you have made :

Additional Information :
Okay guyz i am feeling really not well i want to come back in uf i will never leave you again.

Accepted Applications / [ Accepted - Trainee ] - Clan Application - 552N
« on: February 05, 2019, 09:46:13 pm »

Real Name:- Kashif Ali

Age/D.O.B:- 19

Country:- Pakistan

Timezone:- gmt 5+


Game, which you play:- vc-mp

Current Nickname:- 552N

Previous Nicknames:- A.K.Dark.King D.J.King Kaashi.53

Playing Since [ Share us your VC:MP History ]:- playing vcmp since 2 years,
LW was the first server i'd started playing, after that i start hanging ppls and made few friends like  " Edward , FullFilled , RaideN , Weldone , Stuborn, Dabang.Dada, i learnt too many things from them while team work about DM.

Server's You are mostly online in:- LW, EC ,  , EAD , Empire Gaming , sometime vccnr

Previous Clan(s):- -----

Reason for Leaving your Previous Clan(s):- never joined any clan

Are you banned in any server?:- nope i  never got banned in any server


Why do you wish to join Unique Force?:- UF is one of the unique Clan members are  mature and friendly i would like to part of this clan to improve myself my english/skills i'm interested in clanwars and wish to help my clan mates in during teamwork/wars

Have you applied in UF before? [ if so, explain what improvements have you made. ]:- nope, i never applied here


Additional Information:-  i was interest in UF since long time but as you know i never joined any clan that's   i was  waiting for the perfect time till the time come i decide to learn how clan works
and i learnt too many things while seeing them during team up and clan wars
now i  feel fit and ready to be part of this clan and decide to give a try
hope will get a chance
Thank you for your attention

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