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News And Announcements / Leaving Full
« on: October 07, 2016, 07:49:04 pm »
hello there,
i'm here after 3 days i'm telling everyone that leaders should active in-game but nobody reply my msg, leaders aren't listening us even our juniors members too, they don't respect us, i don't think we're respected here i gave 2 opinions to leaders  but they don't reply my msg back, they even don't think we're able   i want that i gave them opinions they should agree on that, i don't think if i'll stay here anymore i'll make my future good, i just gtg from here cya guys .

Denied Applications / Re-Application
« on: August 24, 2015, 12:48:50 am »
Real Name: Abdul Qadeer
Current Nickname: FullFilled^
Previous Nicknames: [UFt]Qadeer^
D.O.B/Age: 20
Country: Pakistan
VC-MP Experience: 6 year 8 months
Previous Clans: ZA and UF
Reason of leaving your previous Clans: Kicked due to my mistake by getting banned in the server
Reason for joining us:This is my family and i want to be part of it
Additional Information: Please i really apologize to Azal about my mistake and lake of communation problem that time and i fell ashmed of my self that time plz forgive me and give me a chance i swear it wont happen again.

Thank you for reading

Real Name:Abdul Qadeer
Current Nickname:FullFilled^
Previous Nicknames:[ZA]FullFiled^,FullFilled^
VC-MP Experience: 1 year 2 months
Previous Clans: ZA
Reason of leaving your previous Clans:Closed.
Reason for joining us:This clan members are active and have good behaviuor, so. I want to part of it..
Additional Information: HAVE A NICE DAY

Please delete my old post.. Mistakly, I tapped Reply. Sry abt that.

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