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News And Announcements / Swaping positions :)
« on: September 24, 2019, 11:52:55 pm »
Hey guys! :)
It is decided that changes should be made. And i totally agree with it, it should have been done earlier.
I am more than happy to announce promoting Spiller to your new Co-Leader. Trust me, you will be in really good hands. I owe him and other staff my thanks for keeping the clan alive. It is a known thing to everybody that leaders in this clan were quite inactvie for the last few years, so I guess  this is the time when you get to have an active Leader, I really want it to be a real thing!  So I wish Spiller a good luck and lead the clan to the best. You have my trust, you have the others' trust, so go for it man,you deserved it with your hard work.  ;)

Clan Chat / Missed you, guys!
« on: July 13, 2019, 01:52:34 am »
Hey, guys! first of all, i must bring my apologies.
First i went for vacations and when i was back my bosses asked me to work trip to teach newies what our work about and  what to do with it. From the start i was asked to consult for 2 weeks, when it was over it was tested that newies are not ready and have to have with me some more teaching time, it took more time than i expected, since i didn't think people are that dumb, like seriously, i would rather teach monkeys, they would do better, though I had  to spend more time on them because  I have benefits from it, so i worked harded than before. Now when the task is done I am back and finally can continue my peaceful life :)
I am sorry  for not updating what was happining, since i was  all into work and decided to put aside everthing that can break my intentions and motivation.
Now I am all back with you and will try my best to be around :)  :red_heart:

News And Announcements / ANNOUNCEMENT An announcement to announce.
« on: April 22, 2019, 11:26:13 pm »
 Hellooooooo! Viiiiice Cityyyyy! ¿Cómo te sientes? ah?
anyway, good evening everybody!
The things are changing pretty fast in the clan, but i guess this is what the clan needs at this very moment. I personally think this is for the best.
We should never stop pushing us forward for the best! We gotta evolve every way possible and adjust for current circumstances we are dealing with no matter what. Every action has a counter-action. Since a part of management left lately, we shall have a replacement that will keep us going. This is a decision we together made, so what's left is to pronounce Spiller as our new Global Moderator. My congratulations!  Let's all wish him good luck and carry strong this heavy burden  ;)

News And Announcements / ANNOUNCEMENT A promotion :)
« on: February 10, 2019, 07:05:01 pm »
Hello everybody! Hope you are having a good day.
New year's eve brought us some promotions except this one guy. I must admit, that I skipped this promotion on purpose due to being unsure about it.
I wanted to wait till 16.02  to announce this promotion but simply couldn't wait any longer,  it is been almost a year since you applied here and got accepted, then there were management issues and u couldn't stand this and i fully understand why u left. And i am happy when things got better u expressed your desire to be a part of us again. It proved that u love UF in general and willing to dedicate yourself to UF.
I am honored to promote you, S!LenT_K!LL3R, to Rookie, please wear UFr tag everywhere you go, fight for our reputation and uniqeness!
Cheers! :)

News And Announcements / ANNOUNCEMENT New year promotions :) yay!
« on: December 31, 2018, 03:54:15 am »
Hello everybody, first of all, i would like to sum up this year. It was not an easy year for Unique Force, but by trusting in each other and believing that the better days are ahead helped us to go through the issues and problems. And i am happy to say that everything is under control inside the clan and i hope we keep it this way for a very long time :)   I am happy being a part of this great UF community and I hope everyone and each of you are enjoying their stay.  I hope in 2019 we become even stronger and keep being united as we are right now. Cherish the moments we share and try to make it last as long as possible. well, stop with this speech thing already and get to the point u might think :)well then..
I would like to ask those who didn't get promoted not to keep their heads down, there will be the right time for your promotion as well.
I am pleased to announce further promotions:
Spiller, Awesome, Dizaster, RevengeRacer and Sezar
You joined the clan when times were not bright, i appreciate your contribution, your dedication and just being yourselves, you helped the clan to keep on floating, I am honored to promote you guys to Rookies
I am proud of you and i hope you keep doing the great job.
Arsh, Injection and Green_Boy
Time that you spent with UF proved how loyal you are, there is nothing much to add to be honest, loyalty is one of the most important qualities that a human being can have. Thank you. My congratulations on becoming a full member!
Cheers! Happy New Year!

News And Announcements / Merry Xmas
« on: December 24, 2018, 09:04:35 pm »
Hello guys, i know most of u are muslim, but througout the world Christmas became a holiday where no matter what religion is everybody celebrates it :)
I am myself an atheist but with joy celebrate this  marvel occasion annualy with my friends and beloved ones.
Merry Christmas, folks, cheers!  ;)

Birthday Board / Happy past birthday, BloodClaw
« on: November 27, 2018, 11:01:09 pm »
Well, first of all, i would like to apologize due to being late, however,i am pretty busy these dayz, and unfortunatelly this day has slipped through my mind and fingers and i am so sorry.
and second, you are THE man, man, i wish you luck with your study, you can do it, just get a grip and follow your dreams.
One day i hope we get to know each other better IRL, but this is another story :)
Cheers, mate, have a good one!
And forgive us fuckfaces for missing this day. it's such a shame

News And Announcements / SOLVED Information.
« on: November 17, 2018, 02:23:46 pm »
 Hello everybody.  Bringing to your attention this information.
Elissa and M4rco are being kicked from the UF crew  for inactivity and showing no interest towards UF.
Plaga is being removed from the squad  until he rethinks what does a clan mean and what his duties are.

No player will be kicked due to  a little inactivity, whereas those folks are inactive for half a year and there is no sign of them ever coming back.

News And Announcements / ANNOUNCEMENT S!LENT_K!LL3R is reinstained.
« on: October 26, 2018, 01:45:17 am »
Hello everybody, a small announcement here.
We all know that some of the members left due to management issue and it is completely understandable cause situation was catastrophic, it was a disaster i must say.
And since it is a new era here, we should all start from the beginning and rebuild the clan.
welcome back S!LENT_K!LL3R! with his help and yours we can achieve everything! nothing is impossible for us!

News And Announcements / ANNOUNCEMENT Promotions
« on: October 22, 2018, 10:07:00 pm »
Hello everyone, with all these changes I would like to make a little announcement.
Last 2-3 months were tough for us,  it was very difficult to carry on and think positive, but anyway this 2 guyz kept saying everything will be alright and supported me, despite everything seemed dark.  And with all this backing up and positive thinking, i would like to promote Stubborn and luchgox to Full Members. You have been in UF for a long time and proved your loyalty and commitment, this is what i value the most. And i thank you for what you've done for UF.
Please, wear UF tag everywhere you go and  be proud to be one!

I was told to  edit my app and follow the rules, tho i am not that good at forums and didn't find  a way how to edit my existing app, therefore i decided to create a new one and follow the rules.


Real Name:- Oleg Sborshchikov

Age/D.O.B:- 24/25.01.94

Country:- Czech Republic, but currently Russia because i was offered a job here.

Timezone:- UTC +3


Game, which you play:- VCMP

Current Nickname:-  realdogge

Previous Nicknames:- none

Playing Since:-   i have been playing for 6 years
Server's You are mostly online in:- LW only.

Previous Clan(s):- UF,MK

Reason for Leaving your Previous Clan(s):- left UF for being dumb. but originally for having a management issues.                                                                            MK: didn't feel i was at the right place missing the good times at UF

Are you banned in any server?:- never


Why do you wish to join Unique Force?:- i miss my  vcmp home so bad. if i am accepted i am never leaving again, i just want to be feeling at the right place again and keep enjoying vcmp.

Have you applied in UF before?:-  i have and i have been accepted


Additional Information: i always was an UF member, even tho when i left i felt deep down i made a mistake and still felt a connection to UF.
#420 i am just a peaceful sniper rasta :))

News And Announcements / Goodbye
« on: April 17, 2017, 09:27:26 pm »
Hello fellas.
It's time for me to go, thank you everybody for  everything.
all good things must come to an end.
Thank you UF for that warm time i spent here, it was plesure, we had our ups and downs, but anyways we stood together.
i will remain clanless, may be i'll come back one day, but not soon for sure.
 special thanks to Azal and Jaw,  u were nice leaders, but now unfortunatelly we have different views on how the clan must be developing.
huge thanks to K. (Kamran) and Thomas,  who i looked up to.
and a very very big thank  you Suri  for joining the clan and making my stay a bit more nice.
i am sorry if i forgot somebody,  u were all like a family to me.
peace  ;)

Accepted Applications / [Trainee -> Rookie -> Full] realdogge
« on: November 01, 2014, 03:23:50 pm »
Hi there!
Real Name:Oleg
Current Nickname: Realdogge
Previous Nicknames: none
D.O.B/Age: 20
Country:Czech Republic
VC-MP Experience: 2 years
Previous Clans: none.
Reason of leaving your previous Clans: -
Reason for joining us: I am aware that your clan is considered to be one of the best among those on the server. I also kinda like the staff of the clan, they seem to be pro enough/. :)
Additional Information: #420 i am peaceful snper rasta.:D

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